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Antídoto Cine is an independent Uruguayan production company focused on the development of scripts and production of films, series, and video clips. Some outstanding works are the documentary-fiction series La Huella de Sepé (2011), the first co-production of Televisión Nacional of a miniseries with an independent producer; “Vicente”, development of a series (ICAU Production Development Fund, Montevideo Filma, ICAU-MIEM award, IBERMEDIA development award); “Welkom”, fiction feature film released in 2015 (awarded by the ICAU Development Fund and the MVD Socio Audiovisual Program Fund). In addition, Antídoto has produced multiple video clips, video artworks, and spots, and collaborates with Wokas Media platform (wokasmedia.com) in the creation of audiovisual content for institutional and advertising diffusion.

Antídoto is currently working on the development of the documentary series “La Pluma Celeste” (ICAU award for production development), the fiction feature Mentira Todo and, as a producer associated with Mother Superior Films, on the fiction feature Amalia y El Diablo (Fona award, filming scheduled for 2022).

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Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2016 Vicente Serie
2015 Welkom Película
2011 La Huella de Sepé Serie

For more than 20 years, Atomo is an animation and post-production studio based in Montevideo, Uruguay.
We make VFX, 2D and stop motion animation, motion graphics, editing and colour grading for title sequences, short films, explainers and commercials.
Our attention to detail and on-time delivery is an essential part of the collaboration with our clients.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 BID Recuperación Verde Animación
2021 iHeart Animación
2019 El Teléfono de Susy Videoclip
2018 Campaña Fepale Animación
2018 What is Psychosis? Animación
2013 SUAT – La familia precavida, Superniño Publicidad

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Color grading & finishing studio

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 Muerto con Gloria Película
2019 Fiesta Nibiru Película
2019 Schneck Publicidad

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We are a Full-Service Advertising and Film Production Company based in Uruguay with more than 15 years of experience working for different international markets. We offer a full range of services that include: ATL and Social media Production, Feature Film and Series Co-Production and Content Development.

As a creative and multinational team, we make strong emphasis on generating cinematographic and story-telling driven content. We work and collaborate with clients from all over the world with a strong track record in Latin America, offering a diverse list of suppliers and key crew members from different countries.

We proud our self’s in being out-of-the-box thinkers that offer an in-depth personalized service.

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We are a Color Grading and Finishing Studio located in Uruguay and Colombia specialized in making digitally shot films look their best. As Artists and Technicians we offer solutions designed specifically for every project with high-end digital tools.

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Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2018 Camposanto Cortometraje
2017 Ojos de madera Película
78 revoluciones Documental

“REDUCTO Studios & Production Center is an integral solution that offers high quality services for the production of audiovisual projects, such as feature films, commercials, television series, videoclips, digital projects, and VFX, among others.

It is a hub that gathers producers, service providers, technicians and artists to promote the development of audiovisual production specially focused on the creation of for export contents and production services.”

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Established in Uruguay for 22 years, SALADO is one of the leading audiovisual production companies in the region. Working for markets in the US, Europe and throughout Latin America and alongside its advertising career, in 2003 the Content Department is created with the aim of producing content that stand out for its artistic quality.

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Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2019 No soy tu Mami Película
2019 Porno para Principiantes Película
2018 La noche de 12 años Película

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Daniel Yafalian was born in 1974 in Montevideo, he is a composer and sound designer.
He works both in direct sound, as well as in post-production and sound design for film.

He has participated in approximately 50 feature films, doing post-production and/or sound design. These are some of the films in which he did the sound design: Alelí (Leticia Jorge, 2018) Amigo lindo del alma (D. Charlone, 2019), La Fundición del tiempo (Alvarez Neme 2019), Vida a bordo (Mazza de Lucca, 2018), Belmonte (Veiroj, 2018), Las Olas (Biniez 2017), Otra historia del mundo (Casanova, 2017), El Candidato (Hendler, 2016), El apóstata (Veiroj, 2015), El Hombre Nuevo (Garay, 2015), Los enemigos del dolor (Hernández 2014), Avant (Alvarez Neme 2014), Manual del Macho Alfa (Kloetzer, 2014), Tanta Agua (Guevara-Jorge 2013), El Casamiento (Garay, 2012), Flacas vacas (Svirsky, 2012), Las flores de mi familia (Fernández Hoppe, 2012), 3 (Stoll, 2012), La vida útil (Veiroj, 2010), Hiroshima (Stoll, 2009), Gigante (Biniez, 2009), , El viaje hacia el mar (Casanova, 2003), Rio de los pájaros pintados (Casacuberta, 2008), 25 Watts (Rebella – Stoll, 2001), La Espera (Garay, 2002), Ruido (Bertalmío, 2004), Whisky (Rebella – Stoll, 2004), A las 5 en punto (Charlo, 2005), La Matinee (Bednarik, 2006), Cronica de un sueño (Viñoles – Tononi, 2005) among others.

It won the following awards: Soundtrack Chorale at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema 2010 (Cuba) for the feature film La Vida Util, Best Soundtrack at the Fenavid Festival 2007 (Bolivia) for the short film Se Alquila and the Silver Tattoo for Best Music at the XXXV Jornada Internacional de Cinema da Bahia (Brazil) for the feature film El Círculo (2008). It won the award for best sound from the Uruguayan Film Critics Association for Hiroshima, La vida útil, 3 and El apóstata (being nominated in several other films for music and/or sound).

He composed the original music for the feature films La Fundición del Tiempo (2019) El Hombre Nuevo (2015) A las 5 en punto (2005), El Círculo (2008), El cultivo de la flor invisible (2012), El casamiento (2011) and El almanaque (2012).  He is co-director with Pablo Stoll of the short film “”Uruguay HOY”” for the cycle Huellas de TV Ciudad (2013).
He has released 3 musical albums, Naturaleza muerta (2012), Paraísos Artificiales (2015), this last one nominated for best cover design and best instrumental album at the Graffiti 2016 and Micromundos (2018) awards. The three make up an unintentional trilogy.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2019 La fundición del tiempo Documental
2018 Belmonte Película
2018 Un tal Eduardo Documental
2018 Vida a bordo Documental
2017 Las Olas Película
2009 Hiroshima Película
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