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BMR Cultural Production Company is an Uruguayan firm dedicated to the generation and management of cultural projects. The work focuses on editorial, audiovisual, museum and communication products, always on the premise that culture stimulates and strengthens social development; heritage, identity, aesthetics are all reference values. Far from considering beauty an accessory or complementary element, it is understood as a fundamental component, assuming the commitment to connect the community with qualified experiences and products, both in content and form.

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Socio fundador de la CEACU / Cámara de Empresas y Actores Culturales del Uruguay , CCSU / Cámara de Comercio y Servicios del Uruguay.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2016 La sala transparente Documental
2015 Paisaje cultural industrial Fray Bentos Documental
2014 La vida secreta de los edificios Documental

CS LOGISTICS was founded in 2008, focused on the Logistics of Cultural Events, Fairs and exhibitions, Broadcasting, Filming and time critical cargo.

We have been responsible for the integral logistics of important artists such as: Rod Stewart, Motorhead, Gloria Stefan and One Direction, among others.

We have also worked for internationally recognized shows such as Cirque du Soleil, Disney on Ice and Monster Jam

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type

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Electronic engineering company, specialized in providing technical support in Professional Audio, Broadcaster, Television, Telecommunications, and energy.
Since 1994 we have provided technical service to top-level brands, such as Yamaha, Roland, TLS corp. Fender, Tieline, WCS, Hitachi Kokusai Linear, AEQ, Etc.
We have the ability to develop custom projects and special equipment for both the film industry and advertising, whether in sets that involve technology, unique communications systems, or any task where professionals are required in the electronic area, linked to the show and production. of audio and video, as well as supply of equipment.-

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– Advertising, Video, Banner, Photography.
– Live broadcasts (streaming is a type of multimedia technology that sends video and audio content to your Internet-connected device.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 BYD Película
2021 Portfolio de trabajos 2021 Otros
2020 Hotel Arenas Publicidad
2020 Todo Por Ti Videoclip
2019 Gladys T Publicidad

Our team of lawyers combines high specialization in international legal services with audiovisual training of its members, which allows us to accurately and effectively understand the legal challenges of audiovisual and cinematographic productions through legal solutions adapted to the needs of the client. We are also a reference in Private International Law (international contracts, contracts with production companies), International Transportation (logistics, claims for damage to merchandise and equipment, etc.) and Insurance.

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Cámara de Comercio e Industria Franco Uruguaya.

Fulana® ~ Creative Studio
Creative ~ Design & Communication
💻~ Social Media
📷~ Product Photography
🎥~ Audiovisuals
🌐~ Web Design
@giulianaguiar @_martinotero_

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The Canarian Locations Office, which depends on the General Direction of Culture of the Government of Canelones, has been working since the end of October 2013.
The office has become a one-stop-shop for all the formalities that involve the audiovisual sector in our department. It is in charge of advising and authorizing the filming and photographic campaigns that take place in public spaces in the Canelones.
Moreover, it supports, participates, and promotes events linked to the sector that improve the positioning of Canelones as a film location inside and outside the borders, as well as its filmmakers (either professionals or amateurs).

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Locaciones Canarias participa activamente de la Mesa Directiva de la Uruguay Film Commission desde el 2014. En 2016, la oficina de Locaciones Canarias fue incluida en la Guía de Comisiones Fílmicas Latinoamericanas de LatAm Cinema.

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It is a regional coordination office and an inter-institutional workspace to promote the development of audiovisual activity in Salto and the region. Through a framework agreement, involving the Municipality of Salto, the University of the Republic-Cenur Litoral Norte headquarters Salto and the Salto Grande Regional Development Foundation, and integrates the participation of referents from the private sector as well as other institutions linked to the activity.

Through the MAS, audiovisual projects of various kinds carried out in Salto and the region are managed, such as audiovisual training and education activities responding to local needs; searching for locations; promoting film exhibitions; registration of local producers and filmmakers; development of incentive and promotion tools for local production; development and participation in markets and festivals, among others.

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Montevideo Audiovisual integrates the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Montevideo. As a management space, it assists the audiovisual sector in three well-defined areas:

Promotion: Through the management of the Montevideo Socio Audiovisual and Montevideo Filma programs, it contributes to the development of Uruguayan cinema and audiovisual. Actively participates in the development of the interinstitutional program SeriesUY, aimed at the production of fiction series for television. It also stimulates the dissemination of quality cinematographic and audiovisual content, supporting premieres of Uruguayan audiovisual productions and the development and management of festivals and national and international exhibitions in the city.
Exhibitions: It articulates at an informative and support level the programming of the different public screens of IdeM and MEC, besides developing programs and own cycles of exhibition through an itinerant projection system.
Locations: Montevideo Audiovisual is the Office in charge of processing and coordinating the filming permits for film, television and advertising shoots that are displayed throughout the department.

The Office of Locations in Colonia (OLACOLONIA) works in the Direction of Tourism of the Municipality of Colonia and is in charge of coordinating everything related to the use of public spaces and locations in the Department of Colonia for audiovisual productions, whether photographic, advertising films, documentaries, etc.
The Municipality of Colonia, in response to the increasing demand for the use of public spaces, has begun to authorize the use of public locations.
As the industry grew and generated resources in the territory (acting roles, accommodation, catering, among other services always necessary for film production companies), the municipality improved its response capacity and so on, having as a support base a project of the Junta Departamental (from the year 2015) that promoted the creation of a Film Location Office, the Direction of Tourism began to work, together with other directorates of the Municipality (SPOT, Public Relations and Press, Culture, Traffic and Hygiene) to concretize the creation of a unit that would centralize the task.

Thus, in March 2016, by Resolution of the Intendent, OLACOLONIA was created (Office of Locations Colonia) generating a “unique window” of application for the use of locations, in order to facilitate and speed up the procedure and work for those interested in taking advantage of Colonial scenarios for their audiovisual creations.

Since then, we have registered German, French, Japanese and American productions; films, documentaries, trademark productions (photographic and film), programs of educational interest, which have developed their work in Colonia and who have been helped to carry out their work with more ease.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 El Robo del Siglo Película
2020 Julio Película
2020 Verruckt ach Meer (Locos por el Mar) Alemania Programa TV
2018 7Up – Pepsico Publicidad
2017 No llores por mí Inglaterra Película

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Pardelion Films is an audiovisual production company based in Uruguay and Spain. In its 10-year history, it has focused primarily on advertising and content, with a special emphasis on the digital world, developing content with a disruptive creative and aesthetic profile.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 OCA “Días OCA de la moda” Publicidad
2021 PILSEN "El carnaval que soñamos" Publicidad
2020 EL LEGADO (Trailer Temporada 1) Programa TV
2019 ITAÚ “Vivir la ciudad” Publicidad
2019 Pardelion Music RoadTrip by Hyundai (Trailer) Publicidad
2018 Ottonello “Todos somos chefs” Publicidad

Created in 2011, PASSAPAROLA film-boutique company based in Montevideo with strategic alliances in Latin America.

His most recent films: LIFE ON BOARD, NEW VENICE and CROWDS, directed by Emiliano Mazza De Luca, have had recognition in important film festivals such as IDFA, Biarritz, Guadalajara, Seattle, Lima, SANFIC, DocMontevideo, among others.

It has a teaching area, witha pool of professionals from all areas to follow-up creative development processes, Outreach & Engagemet campaigns and project advice.

With extensive experience in international production services, PASSAPAROLA offers logistics, creative production, international crews and follow-up in image and sound post production.

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Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2018 Vida a Bordo Documental
2016 Nueva Venecia Documental
2014 Multitudes Documental

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We provide professional advice in the planning and execution of prevention actions in safety and occupational health, working on the basis of high standards of professionalism and commitment to customers.
We work with a comprehensive approach and a multidisciplinary perspective, essential to provide organizations with the highest levels of reliability and certainty in relation to their practices and processes with an impact on the health and safety of their human resources.
Our objective is that our clients can adequately comply with the applicable regulations, tend towards a safe work culture, reduce occupational risks to the minimum possible, and the legal contingencies associated with them or their management.

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Production and distribution of Uruguayan films and videos and international co-productions. In 1995 I reopened the Uruguayan Film School. In 2006 I created and directed the television program La Banda, by and for children, at TNU. I have published some books such as Diez años de video uruguayo, 25 años de Divercine and others.

Member of

ASOPROD, Endoc, Red de festivales del Uruguay, ComKids, Ciniño, Wikipedia y otros.

SkaFilms was founded in Uruguay two decades ago as a Production Company that works together with its customers at a local and international level. The forms change but the excitement and the emotional bonds continue to be the fundamental link between audiences and trademarks.
Ska is more than a production company, it is value-added to ideas. The story is what matters and a good story implies accepting a challenge.
We specialize in the creation and production of audiovisual content: advertising, film making, animation, series and customized contents.
Our series and films have been exhibited in different parts of the world and have been acquired by different international chains such as HBO, NETFLIX, HISTORY CHANNEL and ESPN.

Member of

CEPPU ( cámara empresarial de productoras publicitarias del Uruguay )

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 Reel and Production Services Publicidad
2019 Guatemala, Corazon del mundo maya Documental
2019 Reel Table Top Programa TV

We are the agency responsible for the promotion of exports, investments and country image. We work to strengthen the export capacity and competitiveness of Uruguayan companies, promote the country as an attractive destination for productive investments and promote the Uruguay Natural Country Brand in the world.

Icono dirección Dr. Javier Barrios Amorin 986

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We provide high quality 3D scanning services with professional scanners and 3D printing with professional 3D printers.

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Waiver Logistics offers its comprehensive logistics services ranging from national and international multimodal transport, packaging and handling as well as advice and customs clearance. Coordination of income and expenses of our country. We have our own offices and partner offices all over the world. The careful and professional handling of the goods, the sensitive time and the satisfaction of our clients are the pillars of our management.

Member of

Contactos con ejecutivos comerciales: Mateo Machin // +598 97085676 // +598 99919298 // mateo.machin@waiver.com.ar Fernando Gonzalez // +598 97683250 // +598 99939498 // fernando.gonzalez@waiver.com.uy

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2022 RENAULT FRANCIA Publicidad
2021 AMSTERDAM Serie
2021 BARRA BRAVA Serie
2021 IOSI Serie
2021 Porno y Helado Serie
2019 CONQUEST Serie

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We are a production platform that provides its clients solutions in audiovisual communication, photography and multimedia. We offer innovative multimedia content for advertising, institutional communication and documentary purposes. We are a specialized creative and technical team that has the collaboration of marketing consultants and designers to provide our clients with the best visual contents to help them achieve their communication goals.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 Plan Nacional de Adaptación Costera -MVOTMA Vídeo corporativo
2019 PAGE/ONUDI - Economia Circular - Lanas Trinidad Vídeo corporativo
2018 BCU Educa / Banco Central del Uruguay - Ingresos Animación
2018 OPP - Uruguay 2050: Economia Digital Vídeo corporativo
2015 Reel de Wokas Media Otros
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