We have a large staff of Models, Actors, Actresses, Extras, Stuntmen and Voiceovers for Advertising, Film, TV Series, Radio, Internet, Social Networks and other audiovisual media in Uruguay.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 Publicidad de Agua Vital Bolivia – Reciclando botellas 2020 Publicidad
2017 Antel – Día del Padre Publicidad
2015 Conaprole – Dia del Padre Publicidad

Antídoto Cine is an independent Uruguayan production company focused on the development of scripts and production of films, series, and video clips. Some outstanding works are the documentary-fiction series La Huella de Sepé (2011), the first co-production of Televisión Nacional of a miniseries with an independent producer; “Vicente”, development of a series (ICAU Production Development Fund, Montevideo Filma, ICAU-MIEM award, IBERMEDIA development award); “Welkom”, fiction feature film released in 2015 (awarded by the ICAU Development Fund and the MVD Socio Audiovisual Program Fund). In addition, Antídoto has produced multiple video clips, video artworks, and spots, and collaborates with Wokas Media platform (wokasmedia.com) in the creation of audiovisual content for institutional and advertising diffusion.

Antídoto is currently working on the development of the documentary series “La Pluma Celeste” (ICAU award for production development), the fiction feature Mentira Todo and, as a producer associated with Mother Superior Films, on the fiction feature Amalia y El Diablo (Fona award, filming scheduled for 2022).

Member of


Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2016 Vicente Serie
2015 Welkom Película
2011 La Huella de Sepé Serie

For more than 20 years, Atomo is an animation and post-production studio based in Montevideo, Uruguay.
We make VFX, 2D and stop motion animation, motion graphics, editing and colour grading for title sequences, short films, explainers and commercials.
Our attention to detail and on-time delivery is an essential part of the collaboration with our clients.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 BID Recuperación Verde Animación
2021 iHeart Animación
2019 El Teléfono de Susy Videoclip
2018 Campaña Fepale Animación
2018 What is Psychosis? Animación
2013 SUAT – La familia precavida, Superniño Publicidad

Icono dirección Aiguá 1159

Icono teléfono 098102222

Icono e-mail barbepedro@gmail.com

Icono instagram

We rent vehicles for filming, vans, trucks, motorhomes, generators, etc.

For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to transport services for the filming industry; videoclips, commercials, movies and series.
We have numerous vehicles covering all the needs of the audiovisual industry.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2022 Iosi 2 Serie
2021 Amsterdam Serie
2021 Asfixiados Película
2021 El Presidente Serie
2021 Porno y Helado Serie
2021 Temas Propios Película

Icono dirección Rincón 454

Icono teléfono +598 96677767

Icono e-mail nicolas@bmr.uy

Icono web https://bmr.uy/blog/trabajos/

Icono linkedin
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BMR Cultural Production Company is an Uruguayan firm dedicated to the generation and management of cultural projects. The work focuses on editorial, audiovisual, museum and communication products, always on the premise that culture stimulates and strengthens social development; heritage, identity, aesthetics are all reference values. Far from considering beauty an accessory or complementary element, it is understood as a fundamental component, assuming the commitment to connect the community with qualified experiences and products, both in content and form.

Member of

Socio fundador de la CEACU / Cámara de Empresas y Actores Culturales del Uruguay , CCSU / Cámara de Comercio y Servicios del Uruguay.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2016 La sala transparente Documental
2015 Paisaje cultural industrial Fray Bentos Documental
2014 La vida secreta de los edificios Documental

Icono dirección Joaquín Nuñez 2982 A104

Icono teléfono +598 27162504

Icono e-mail info@bsotm.com

Icono web http://www.bsotm.com

Icono instagram
Icono facebook

Color grading & finishing studio

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 Muerto con Gloria Película
2019 Fiesta Nibiru Película
2019 Schneck Publicidad

Icono dirección Calle 3, M. G - S. 7

Icono teléfono +598 94073533

Icono e-mail info@carajitofilms.com

Icono web https://www.carajitofilms.com/

“We are a Full Service Production Company based in Uruguay.
​Pioneers in personalized production, we accompany each project from start to finish.
At Carajito Films we excel in finding and applying creative ways to film and produce, optimizing resources.
We have all the in-house talent to do so.”

Icono dirección VILARDEBO 1272 of 10 y 11

Icono teléfono +598 203 3605

Icono e-mail german@colour-studio.com

Icono web http://www.colour-studio.com

Icono vimeo
Icono instagram
Icono facebook

We are a Color Grading and Finishing Studio located in Uruguay and Colombia specialized in making digitally shot films look their best. As Artists and Technicians we offer solutions designed specifically for every project with high-end digital tools.

We provide services for documentary, photograph, or nature productions. We have extensive knowledge of the records of wildlife in Uruguay and Latin America. This allows us to provide comprehensive advice for different productions.
We research how, where, and with whom to film natural phenomena and animal behavior, as well as social and cultural life. We provide the necessary support for every production.

Member of


Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 Naturaleza en Casa Otros
2020 Wild Uruguay Programa TV
2019 Mil Senderos Serie

We are a group of entrepreneurs who work in an associative way, for specific jobs, such as catering. We have an extensive menu to offer each client.

We currently carry out a food service for TV Ciudad, we work for filming, business and social catering.

Member of

Cedel carrasco

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2022 Tv Ciudad - La Aldea Otros

Icono dirección Martín C. Martínez 1841

Icono teléfono +598 24086622

Icono e-mail detec@detec.com.uy

Icono web http://www.detec.com.uy/

Icono linkedin
Icono youtube

Electronic engineering company, specialized in providing technical support in Professional Audio, Broadcaster, Television, Telecommunications, and energy.
Since 1994 we have provided technical service to top-level brands, such as Yamaha, Roland, TLS corp. Fender, Tieline, WCS, Hitachi Kokusai Linear, AEQ, Etc.
We have the ability to develop custom projects and special equipment for both the film industry and advertising, whether in sets that involve technology, unique communications systems, or any task where professionals are required in the electronic area, linked to the show and production. of audio and video, as well as supply of equipment.-

Actors and talents agency.

Member of


Don Obdulio Almacén Audiovisual was born with the purpose of bringing together everything necessary for audiovisual production in one place. We provide inputs and co-work spaces to the audiovisual and cultural industry.

We offer the following services:

Rent of art supplies, clothes, and production elements.
Storage for series and big productions, especially for continuity. Also, we rent m² for projects. It’s a logistic process that seeks efficient, careful, and orderly storage of the elements of each project.
Rental of workshop space for art and related activities.
Fully equipped co-working space for individuals and/or companies to develop their projects and businesses.
Space for wardrobe fitting.
Production room.
Art base.
And more

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2022 AMSTERDAM – Productora Oriental Films Serie
2021 IOSI – Productora Cimarrón Serie
2021 BARRA BRAVA – Productora Cimarrón Serie
2021 EL PRESIDENTE – Productora Salado Media Serie
2021 LA SOCIEDAD DE LA NIEVE – Productora Cimarrón Película
2021 SARUBBI – Productora Oriental Films Publicidad

Icono dirección Martin García 1393 apto 302

Icono teléfono 099123659

Icono e-mail soy@dunkeruy.com

Icono web www.dunkeruy.com

Icono youtube
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– Advertising, Video, Banner, Photography.
– Live broadcasts (streaming is a type of multimedia technology that sends video and audio content to your Internet-connected device.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 BYD Película
2021 Portfolio de trabajos 2021 Otros
2020 Hotel Arenas Publicidad
2020 Todo Por Ti Videoclip
2019 Gladys T Publicidad

Icono dirección Luis Alberto de Herrera 647, Las Piedras

Icono teléfono +598 94 212336

Icono e-mail soleangelillo@gmail.com

Icono instagram
Icono facebook

We are a creative studio with 20 years of experience, which in its beginnings was dedicated to the restoration of antique and rustic furniture. Since 2010 we have incorporated the setting of events and activations. As well as the design and assembly of commercial stands in various exhibitions nationwide.
We rent a wide stock of furniture of different styles, objects and elements for all kinds of projects and productions.

Estilo Urbano Models is an inclusive Agency of models, Promotions and Events dedicated to new talent Scouting and Management. We have 12 years of experience in the advertising and events market in Uruguay.
What services do we offer?
Advertising models and talents
Advertising extras
Big size models, or plus size
Actors and Dancers
Sports&Fitness models
LGBTQ+ models

Member of

AJE – Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 CACAHUATES MAFER Publicidad
2020 Money Calm Bull – MONEYSUPERMARKET Publicidad
2020 SELFIE – LAYS Y PEPSI Publicidad

Icono dirección Marcelino Sosa 2125

Icono teléfono 29246487

Icono e-mail info@estudio9.com.uy

Icono web http://www.estudio9.com.uy

Icono instagram
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When you need to transmit and / or record in Uruguay, a TV program or other audiovisual event; Estudio 9 is the company with the most experience and capacity in the country to develop its projects. We transform your ideas into stories and create the most important audiovisual content.
Estudio 9 is a company dedicated to providing quality products and comprehensive solutions that was born in 2008, being the only production company with TV studios in the country. 4500 square meters make up our 5 TV studios, audio studio and post-production.
We are the most suitable, technical and creative company in the country. We broadcast cultural and sporting events and TV programs, corporate and promotional videos, reports, launches, festivals, parades, production, photography and press junket. National channels and national elections live

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 Masterchef Uruguay estudios Programa TV
2019 NBA Otros
2018 Debate Presidencial Otros

Icono dirección Salto 1015

Icono teléfono +598 99975657

Icono e-mail audioheavi@gmail.com

Icono web http://audioheavi.com

Icono imdb
Icono instagram
Icono facebook

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2018 Camposanto Cortometraje
2017 Ojos de madera Película
78 revoluciones Documental

Icono dirección Avenida de las Américas 252

Icono teléfono +598 94413379

Icono e-mail spdelcastillo@maderal.com.uy

Icono web http://www.hertz.com.uy/

Car Rental Company operating for over 100 years.

Icono dirección Mariano Uriarte 6029

Icono teléfono +59898961633

Icono e-mail admin@ipsilonfilms.com

Icono web https://ipsilonfilms.com

Production and Coproduction of Fiction and Documentaries.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2022 Nina & Emma Película

Icono dirección Av. Francisco Soca 1213

Icono teléfono 099614316

Icono e-mail ricardo@koptercam.uy

Icono web http://www.koptercam.uy

Icono vimeo
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Drone operator since 2011. licensed and insured. Aerial cinematographer. Director.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 Renault Alaskan Publicidad
2019 Huawei Publicidad
2017 Whirlpool Publicidad

Icono dirección ARAUCANA 1330

Icono teléfono 099108787

Icono e-mail federico@lang.uy

Icono instagram

We have more than 10 years in the realization of face-to-face and hybrid events (with audiovisual support) throughout all over the country, both at a corporate level and in social events.
In the last 4 years we have completely developed our audiovisual department, for livestreaming of national and international events, and for the production of advertising pieces for RRSS and traditional media.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 PUBLICIDAD AZUL FM Publicidad

Icono dirección Dr. Eduardo Blanco Acevedo 1708

Icono teléfono 096155633

Icono e-mail veronica@majareta.com

Icono web http://majareta.com/

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Majareta Producciones was born in 1997 and is today one of the main production offices of international shows and management of renowned artists worldwide, such as CUARTETO DE NOS, BAJOFONDO Y CAMPO.

We have brought to Uruguay an endless number of recognized artists from all over Latin America, from Calle 13 to Aerosmith, which can be seen at www.majareta.com and with many of them we have representation relationships in Uruguay for several years.

We work for the main brands in the country and we carry out events of different kinds. Likewise, our main artist CUARTETO DE NOS is a winner of Latin Grammy Awards and they have been nominated continuously since 2007. We have expanded our horizons and we also produce shows in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Central America.

In 2020, UEM (Association of producers, managers and private venues) is created, of which Verónica Piana, Director of the production company, is the Vice President.

Carrying out negotiations with the government and the structuring and formalization of the sector as an industry.

Our company is also endorsed by the government under the Country Brand, awarded by Uruguay XXI.

Member of

UEM – Uruguay es Música

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2013 AEROSMITH Otros

Milan is a film company with headquarters in Uruguay. We tackle new projects with creativity, diligence and attention to detail throughout all the stages of production. And above all, we are proud to offer the cinematic solution that best fit your needs.

Icono dirección Vilardebo 1272

Icono teléfono +598 22035608

Icono e-mail info@musitelli.com

Icono web https://www.musitelli.com

Icono instagram
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Film & digital equipment solutions, audiovisual technical services in Latin America

Member of

"ESTA - Production Equipment Rental Group https://www.esta.org/PERG/index.html "

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2019 Así habló el cambista Película
2019 Conquest Serie
2019 Mercedes Benz Publicidad

Icono dirección Francisco Bilbao 3811

Icono teléfono +598 26211169

Icono e-mail oriental@orientalfilms.tv

Icono web http://orientalfilms.tv

Icono vimeo
Icono instagram
Icono facebook

“Oriental Films is a production company with more than 12 years on the market, it has offices in Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. Some of their customers inclulde Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Renault, McDonlad’s, Chevrolet, Pepsi, Huawei, Nike and more well-known brands. It is associated to different production companies in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, the U.K and the U.S.A.

This production company and their directors have been awarded many times in national and international festivals. Recently, it has been awarded as the best production company in Uruguay in “Desachate” (2020) and “Campanas de Oro” (2019), best production company in Colombia in “El Ojo de Iberoamérica” (2019), and best production company in Mexico in “Círculo Creativo” (2018) among other international awards.

In it offices you can find a complete post-production team, art and wardrobe warehouse, art construction and SFX workshop (snow, rain, wind, explosions, shootings, etc.) and the company’s vans and drivers.

Oriental Films leads in Uruguay and Latin America, it is one of the most recognised production companiesreali on the national and international market. ”

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 McDonald's Road Sign Publicidad
2020 Renault Duster Trailer Publicidad
2019 Nivea Men Publicidad

“REDUCTO Studios & Production Center is an integral solution that offers high quality services for the production of audiovisual projects, such as feature films, commercials, television series, videoclips, digital projects, and VFX, among others.

It is a hub that gathers producers, service providers, technicians and artists to promote the development of audiovisual production specially focused on the creation of for export contents and production services.”

Icono dirección Potosí 1678

Icono teléfono +598 26058455

Icono e-mail uruguay@salado.tv

Icono web https://www.salado.tv/

Icono imdb
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Icono vimeo
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Established in Uruguay for 22 years, SALADO is one of the leading audiovisual production companies in the region. Working for markets in the US, Europe and throughout Latin America and alongside its advertising career, in 2003 the Content Department is created with the aim of producing content that stand out for its artistic quality.

Member of


Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2019 No soy tu Mami Película
2019 Porno para Principiantes Película
2018 La noche de 12 años Película

Icono dirección Bartolito Mitre 2688

Icono teléfono 092282777

Icono e-mail presupuestos@sinsol.uy

Icono web https://sinsol.uy/

Icono instagram
Icono facebook

We are a company with 10 years of experience. We specialize in the rental of camera equipment, lenses, optical accessories, monitoring and lights.

We combine community and technology so that more people can film their stories. There are more and more equipment owners in Stan that open opportunities to filmmakers in order to tell their stories. These owners are filmmakers, gaffers, boom operators and locationists that offer their experience and equipment for projects. Stan helps filmmakers to find the perfect equipment, in the right moment and in the most secure way. And it also helps owners by letting them offer their equipment or locations when they are not in use, bringing them a new and important source of income.

Icono dirección Bartolome Mitre 1330 of. 3

Icono teléfono 2916 9959

Icono e-mail gonzalo@tpf.uy

Icono web https://microweb.me/theproductionfactory

Icono linkedin
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We are a producer of live events: tours, festivals and concerts.
We are a creative agency for brand experiences around music. We connect artists, brands and audiences.
We are a management and booking agency, digital music distributor, and consultants in development strategies for artists.

Member of

Uruguay es Música

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2019 Producción General Ed Sheeran Otros
2018 Coordinación Seguridad Roger Waters Otros
2016 Coordinación Seguridad Rolling Stones Otros
2012 Producción General Paul McCartney Otros
2011 Producción General Festejos Bicentenario Uruguay Otros
2008 Producción General El Asado Más Grande del Mundo Otros

Icono dirección Verdi esq. Concepción del Uruguay

Icono teléfono 098 484 420 / 098 374 894

Icono e-mail contacto@tubackline.com

Icono web https://www.tubackline.com/

Icono youtube
Icono instagram

We are a novel comprehensive professional backline service solution for live music shows, studio recordings, and audiovisual productions. We operate through a collaborative work model, unique in Uruguay and the region, using equipment from private musicians, bands, and artistic collectives.
We add our professional management to the musicians’ instruments, resulting in comprehensive backline services for small and large productions.

What do we offer for audiovisual filming?

-Rental of musical instruments and equipment: guitars, basses, keyboards, wind instruments, drums, percussion, amplifiers, audio equipment, and accessories in general (music stands, anvils, cases, cables, among others). We have the equipment that is used in large stages as well as for domestic use and our offer has a great aesthetic variety in all options (range of colors, shapes, age, new and used appearance.)

Production and technical assistance both in pre-production and planning stages and assistance in the recording set for assembly, installation, and setup. We provide training to the cast and production team in the use and manipulation of the instruments. We offer express solutions for last-minute requests.

– Comprehensive logistics. Qualified personnel. Transportation and national coverage. Open 365 days a year.


Member of

Cámara de Infraestructura de Eventos y Espectáculos

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 Amsterdam / HBO Serie
2021 LOV3 / Amazon Prime Serie
2021 Manhas de Setembro / Amazon Prime Serie
2021 Porno y Helado / Amazon Prime Serie
2020 2018/2020 – Más de 60 shows de música en vivo. Otros

Icono dirección Circunvalación Durango 1389 Oficina 202

Icono teléfono +598 97085676

Icono e-mail infouruguai@waiverlog.com

Icono web http://www.waiverlogistics.com

Icono linkedin

Waiver Logistics offers its comprehensive logistics services ranging from national and international multimodal transport, packaging and handling as well as advice and customs clearance. Coordination of income and expenses of our country. We have our own offices and partner offices all over the world. The careful and professional handling of the goods, the sensitive time and the satisfaction of our clients are the pillars of our management.

Member of

Contactos con ejecutivos comerciales: Mateo Machin // +598 97085676 // +598 99919298 // mateo.machin@waiver.com.ar Fernando Gonzalez // +598 97683250 // +598 99939498 // fernando.gonzalez@waiver.com.uy

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2022 RENAULT FRANCIA Publicidad
2021 AMSTERDAM Serie
2021 BARRA BRAVA Serie
2021 IOSI Serie
2021 Porno y Helado Serie
2019 CONQUEST Serie

Icono dirección 2 de Mayo 1430

Icono teléfono +598 99145947

Icono e-mail yafa.post@gmail.com

Icono web http://www.yafalian.com

Icono imdb

Daniel Yafalian was born in 1974 in Montevideo, he is a composer and sound designer.
He works both in direct sound, as well as in post-production and sound design for film.

He has participated in approximately 50 feature films, doing post-production and/or sound design. These are some of the films in which he did the sound design: Alelí (Leticia Jorge, 2018) Amigo lindo del alma (D. Charlone, 2019), La Fundición del tiempo (Alvarez Neme 2019), Vida a bordo (Mazza de Lucca, 2018), Belmonte (Veiroj, 2018), Las Olas (Biniez 2017), Otra historia del mundo (Casanova, 2017), El Candidato (Hendler, 2016), El apóstata (Veiroj, 2015), El Hombre Nuevo (Garay, 2015), Los enemigos del dolor (Hernández 2014), Avant (Alvarez Neme 2014), Manual del Macho Alfa (Kloetzer, 2014), Tanta Agua (Guevara-Jorge 2013), El Casamiento (Garay, 2012), Flacas vacas (Svirsky, 2012), Las flores de mi familia (Fernández Hoppe, 2012), 3 (Stoll, 2012), La vida útil (Veiroj, 2010), Hiroshima (Stoll, 2009), Gigante (Biniez, 2009), , El viaje hacia el mar (Casanova, 2003), Rio de los pájaros pintados (Casacuberta, 2008), 25 Watts (Rebella – Stoll, 2001), La Espera (Garay, 2002), Ruido (Bertalmío, 2004), Whisky (Rebella – Stoll, 2004), A las 5 en punto (Charlo, 2005), La Matinee (Bednarik, 2006), Cronica de un sueño (Viñoles – Tononi, 2005) among others.

It won the following awards: Soundtrack Chorale at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema 2010 (Cuba) for the feature film La Vida Util, Best Soundtrack at the Fenavid Festival 2007 (Bolivia) for the short film Se Alquila and the Silver Tattoo for Best Music at the XXXV Jornada Internacional de Cinema da Bahia (Brazil) for the feature film El Círculo (2008). It won the award for best sound from the Uruguayan Film Critics Association for Hiroshima, La vida útil, 3 and El apóstata (being nominated in several other films for music and/or sound).

He composed the original music for the feature films La Fundición del Tiempo (2019) El Hombre Nuevo (2015) A las 5 en punto (2005), El Círculo (2008), El cultivo de la flor invisible (2012), El casamiento (2011) and El almanaque (2012).  He is co-director with Pablo Stoll of the short film “”Uruguay HOY”” for the cycle Huellas de TV Ciudad (2013).
He has released 3 musical albums, Naturaleza muerta (2012), Paraísos Artificiales (2015), this last one nominated for best cover design and best instrumental album at the Graffiti 2016 and Micromundos (2018) awards. The three make up an unintentional trilogy.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2019 La fundición del tiempo Documental
2018 Belmonte Película
2018 Un tal Eduardo Documental
2018 Vida a bordo Documental
2017 Las Olas Película
2009 Hiroshima Película
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