Film all options within a maximum distance of 600 km

Uruguay has a strategic location in the region, only 45 minutes flying time from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and 2 hours from Sao Paulo (Brazil).

The country offers a great variety of landscapes in maximum distances of 600 km, such as beaches bordering hills, desert dunes and extensive rural areas of green fields. In contrast to this vast wilderness, modern urban constructions are deployed, where colonial, classical and Art Nouveau styles coexist.

Montevideo, the capital of the country, stands out as one of the best cities in the world to appreciate the Art Deco style and recreate periods in its varied sceneries.

In addition to these qualities, the country has a moderate climate, with temperatures around 25°C and 12 hours of light in summer. In addition, because of its location with seasons opposite to the northern hemisphere, it is a great location for production during the northern winter.

Uruguay is also a cosmopolitan country, which offers solutions to the most specific and varied castings. The strong western roots of its population are constantly enriched by immigrants from almost every corner of the world. In addition to the advantages of this remarkable ethnic and landscape diversity, it is also predictable and safe to travel. The country currently has the clearest roads in the region.

In addition to its naturally warm and friendly population, which is characterized by its openness to the world and its cultural background, the recognized professional level of the Uruguayan technicians and the important film infrastructure of the audiovisual industry are added. These are undoubtedly real competitive advantages that make the experience of filming in the safest and most transparent country in Latin America unparalleled.

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