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The Canarian Locations Office, which depends on the General Direction of Culture of the Government of Canelones, has been working since the end of October 2013.
The office has become a one-stop-shop for all the formalities that involve the audiovisual sector in our department. It is in charge of advising and authorizing the filming and photographic campaigns that take place in public spaces in the Canelones.
Moreover, it supports, participates, and promotes events linked to the sector that improve the positioning of Canelones as a film location inside and outside the borders, as well as its filmmakers (either professionals or amateurs).

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Locaciones Canarias participa activamente de la Mesa Directiva de la Uruguay Film Commission desde el 2014. En 2016, la oficina de Locaciones Canarias fue incluida en la Guía de Comisiones Fílmicas Latinoamericanas de LatAm Cinema.



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Montevideo Audiovisual integrates the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Montevideo. As a management space, it assists the audiovisual sector in three well-defined areas:

Promotion: Through the management of the Montevideo Socio Audiovisual and Montevideo Filma programs, it contributes to the development of Uruguayan cinema and audiovisual. Actively participates in the development of the interinstitutional program SeriesUY, aimed at the production of fiction series for television. It also stimulates the dissemination of quality cinematographic and audiovisual content, supporting premieres of Uruguayan audiovisual productions and the development and management of festivals and national and international exhibitions in the city.
Exhibitions: It articulates at an informative and support level the programming of the different public screens of IdeM and MEC, besides developing programs and own cycles of exhibition through an itinerant projection system.
Locations: Montevideo Audiovisual is the Office in charge of processing and coordinating the filming permits for film, television and advertising shoots that are displayed throughout the department.

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The Office of Locations in Colonia (OLACOLONIA) works in the Direction of Tourism of the Municipality of Colonia and is in charge of coordinating everything related to the use of public spaces and locations in the Department of Colonia for audiovisual productions, whether photographic, advertising films, documentaries, etc.
The Municipality of Colonia, in response to the increasing demand for the use of public spaces, has begun to authorize the use of public locations.
As the industry grew and generated resources in the territory (acting roles, accommodation, catering, among other services always necessary for film production companies), the municipality improved its response capacity and so on, having as a support base a project of the Junta Departamental (from the year 2015) that promoted the creation of a Film Location Office, the Direction of Tourism began to work, together with other directorates of the Municipality (SPOT, Public Relations and Press, Culture, Traffic and Hygiene) to concretize the creation of a unit that would centralize the task.

Thus, in March 2016, by Resolution of the Intendent, OLACOLONIA was created (Office of Locations Colonia) generating a “unique window” of application for the use of locations, in order to facilitate and speed up the procedure and work for those interested in taking advantage of Colonial scenarios for their audiovisual creations.

Since then, we have registered German, French, Japanese and American productions; films, documentaries, trademark productions (photographic and film), programs of educational interest, which have developed their work in Colonia and who have been helped to carry out their work with more ease.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 El Robo del Siglo Película
2020 Julio Película
2020 Verruckt ach Meer (Locos por el Mar) Alemania Programa TV
2018 7Up – Pepsico Publicidad
2017 No llores por mí Inglaterra Película
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