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Electronic engineering company, specialized in providing technical support in Professional Audio, Broadcaster, Television, Telecommunications, and energy.
Since 1994 we have provided technical service to top-level brands, such as Yamaha, Roland, TLS corp. Fender, Tieline, WCS, Hitachi Kokusai Linear, AEQ, Etc.
We have the ability to develop custom projects and special equipment for both the film industry and advertising, whether in sets that involve technology, unique communications systems, or any task where professionals are required in the electronic area, linked to the show and production. of audio and video, as well as supply of equipment.-

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When you need to transmit and / or record in Uruguay, a TV program or other audiovisual event; Estudio 9 is the company with the most experience and capacity in the country to develop its projects. We transform your ideas into stories and create the most important audiovisual content.
Estudio 9 is a company dedicated to providing quality products and comprehensive solutions that was born in 2008, being the only production company with TV studios in the country. 4500 square meters make up our 5 TV studios, audio studio and post-production.
We are the most suitable, technical and creative company in the country. We broadcast cultural and sporting events and TV programs, corporate and promotional videos, reports, launches, festivals, parades, production, photography and press junket. National channels and national elections live

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 Masterchef Uruguay estudios Programa TV
2019 NBA Otros
2018 Debate Presidencial Otros

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Production and Coproduction of Fiction and Documentaries.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2022 Nina & Emma Película

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Drone operator since 2011. licensed and insured. Aerial cinematographer. Director.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2020 Renault Alaskan Publicidad
2019 Huawei Publicidad
2017 Whirlpool Publicidad

Milan is a film company with headquarters in Uruguay. We tackle new projects with creativity, diligence and attention to detail throughout all the stages of production. And above all, we are proud to offer the cinematic solution that best fit your needs.

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Film & digital equipment solutions, audiovisual technical services in Latin America

Member of

"ESTA - Production Equipment Rental Group https://www.esta.org/PERG/index.html "

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2019 Así habló el cambista Película
2019 Conquest Serie
2019 Mercedes Benz Publicidad

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We are a company with 10 years of experience. We specialize in the rental of camera equipment, lenses, optical accessories, monitoring and lights.

We combine community and technology so that more people can film their stories. There are more and more equipment owners in Stan that open opportunities to filmmakers in order to tell their stories. These owners are filmmakers, gaffers, boom operators and locationists that offer their experience and equipment for projects. Stan helps filmmakers to find the perfect equipment, in the right moment and in the most secure way. And it also helps owners by letting them offer their equipment or locations when they are not in use, bringing them a new and important source of income.

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