Advertising Communicator
Degree in Communication Sciences and Technique in Radio Social Communication. With training in Audiovisual Production, Production, Marketing and Fashion Communication. With experience in advertising production, TEDx talks, field production for Rollings Stone concert, and more than 15 years of experience in traditional and digital Advertising Communication as Account Manager, Project Manager and Digital Content Producer.

Head of Brand and Digital Content
Executive of Digital Production and Content Management for RRSS. Omnichannel Communication. Creativity and technological innovation at the service of brands: Internet of Things, Design Thinking, Augmented Reality.

Actress and Announcer.
Graduated from the Teatro del Centro, Carlos E. Scheck. With more than 10 years of experience in acting and voice over for Cinema, TV, Theater and Advertising Spots. With participation in Blindness, Iosí, the repentant spy. Comercial Scotiabank, Comercial Tienda Inglesa 152 years old. Radio announcements for Viasono, Viaaqua Spa, Multicanal, among others.

With a marked vocation for service, I am excited to work in communication and production of projects with cultural, exchange and relationship interests. Satisfy social and entertainment needs through acting, as a connection tool and generator of emotions. It motivates me to work in communication management and production of clothing brands or women’s products, which innovate and contribute to the community. And in communication and production of advertising and television content, conducting, acting, announcing and promoting social responsibility actions.

Member of

SUA Sociedad de uruguaya de Actores OMBU PRODUCCIONES Representate ALPU Asociación de Locutores Profesionales de Uruguay.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 Iosí, el espía arrepentido Serie
2021 Scotiabank Publicidad
2021 Tienda Inglesa institucional 152 años Publicidad
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