Filmmaker and film editor. Graduated in 2008 from the URUGUAY FILM SCHOOL and took numerous courses in sound, documentary and editing in Argentina and Cuba. Years later he studied the career of THEATER DESIGNER at EMAD (Montevideo, Uruguay). He is currently finishing two master’s degrees: Master in Film Directing at TAI University Center of Arts and Master in Film Editing at ESCUELA LENS/ FRAME.

I have worked on feature and short fiction and documentary films in Uruguay and Spain. I have also worked as an editor in parallel in TV channels in Uruguay (Canal 10 SAETA in press and programs for some years) and small Spanish production companies in the service of big houses such as Morena Films. I’m currently finishing my collaboration in the script of a fiction feature film financed by Stray Dogs Films, a french production company, directed by the basque filmmaker Pedro Aguilera and starring Damien Bonnard.

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Asociación de Montadores Audiovisuales de España

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2022 Splendid Hotel Película
2021 Rediseñando el mañana IKEA Película
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