Photography, art and assistance. Choreography too.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 REPARO video moda Videoclip
2021 VACUIDAD fotografía Fotografías
2020 PAISAJE ARTIFICIAL coreografia, danza Otros

Almost 10 years of set department expertise in multiple jobs in the film industry, often as an art director and as an art director 1st. assistant. Recently I have worked as a standby props and on set dresser in productions between Venezuela and Uruguay.

Member of

Microempresario, monotributario, independiente.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 Barra brava Serie
2021 Desjuntados Serie
2021 El presidente S02 Serie
2018 Pura pantalla Cortometraje
2015 Abril Película
2012 Libertador Película

I have a degree in Visual Arts (UCU). I have a photography agency open to the world. I focus on commercial photography and fine art. I am an art director, photographer and I provide creative audiovisual and technological solutions for advertising agencies, companies or individuals.

Magdalena Arantzazu aka Mawiggy
(b. 1993 Uruguay) is a multidisciplinary artist living in Montevideo. Graduated in Textile Design / FADU – CDI 2016 /, her training is diverse, in 2017 she made contact for the first time with analog photography, a tool that would allow her to portray and perpetuate images in the form of conceptual ideas, commercial campaigns, identity image or the unlimited possibilities. She is challenged to find visual narratives, stylism, and costume design by vocation.
Her training in Fine Arts 2015, plus her aesthetic inclination generates that her works are identified by responding to the same universe.

Featured productions or latest productions

Year Project Type
2021 VOY A QUERERME Videoclip
2020 COMPLICES Cortometraje
2020 NINJA RACERS Videoclip
2019 ARRIBA LAS MANOS Videoclip
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