The National Directorate of Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture announces the authorization for the reopening of museums, art galleries, cultural spaces, cinemas, theatres and performance halls throughout the country, in compliance with the approved protocol.

The Office of Planning and Budget (OPP), which is responsible for the progressive implementation of the “new normality”, has determined that entertainment activities will be able to return as of 3 August 2020.

The aim of these protocols is to enjoy the culture and, at the same time, take care of the workers, visitors and spectators. In that sense, the continuity or interruption of services will be subject to the evaluation by the authorities of the evolution of the pandemic’s transmission curve. All persons entering the spaces will have their temperature taken, will be required to wear masks and maintain a distance of two metres from those with whom they do not have regular contact. Museums, art galleries, cultural spaces, cinemas, theatres and theatres must ventilate the rooms for public use and maintain regular sanitary cleaning in the spaces. In addition, seating will be limited where necessary.
The safety protocols are available here: Official Protoclo for the reopening of Function Rooms (cinemas) Official Protoclo for the reopening of Museums, Art Galleries and Cultural Spaces
Source: ICAU